Ray Charles: Georgia On My Mind

hála a pár napja posztolt szuper Murakamis zenés listának, az elmúlt napokban vagy Mozart Requiem szólt, vagy Pat Boone, Johhny Mathis, Ray Charles és Duke Ellington.

I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.
Maya Angelou

1929 |  “Junior Tommy Gat” – the gun that looks like a fountain pen.


A room hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts…
Sir Joshua Reynolds

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1950s | Donna and Cliff Conley

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ca. 1947 | Buddy Morrow and Ritz Brothers, New York, N.Y. William P. Gottlieb, photographer.

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1956 | Vivian Maier: Untitled.

1940sWalt Disney Tossing a Salad in His Brand New Walt Disney Studios.

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ca. 1939 | “Fire Wrecks a Forest.”  

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  1. 1967 | Demonstrator at the Harlem Peace March to end racial oppression carries an anti-war sign.
  2. 1967 | Martin Luther King opposing the Vietnam War

1954 | Grey Villet’s feet dangling over 5th Avenue.

1960 | Clint Eastwood in Rome

1950 | The Empire State Building. The observatory on the 86th floor. 

London. Photo by Norman Parkinson.